Division A High Wins

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Division A High Wins

14610368Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
9562371Karen Richards (A3/AUS)Boris Chung (A12/HKG)
14541356Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
14530329Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Brian Po (A16/HKG)
1529242Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
3528390Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)
15526260Karen Richards (A3/AUS)Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)
3524291Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)
13523337Boris Chung (A12/HKG)Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)
2522337Karen Richards (A3/AUS)Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)
11521443Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)
5519275Brian Po (A16/HKG)Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)
8515380Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)
1511384Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)
3509327Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
13507338Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)
1507284Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)
7505432Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
3503338Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)
5501300Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
3497365Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
1497321Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)
4497369Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
4495313Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Brian Po (A16/HKG)
5493435Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
13491422Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)
4487414Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)
11487294Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
2485318Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)Franky Sit (A30/HKG)
14484406Karen Richards (A3/AUS)Boris Chung (A12/HKG)
14484394Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)
15482311Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)
10481372Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)
7481375Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)
6480281Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)
5480340Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)
2479393Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
12478382Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
8478267Brian Po (A16/HKG)Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)
9478415Franky Sit (A30/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
4476375Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
13475352Karen Richards (A3/AUS)Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)
8475351Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)
7475391Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)
13475329Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)
5472460Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
12472390Brian Po (A16/HKG)Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)
5470306Boris Chung (A12/HKG)Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)
9469395Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)
3468385Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)
9467425Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)
2466425Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)
12464413Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)
6462399Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
4461286Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)Franky Sit (A30/HKG)
1461437Boris Chung (A12/HKG)Franky Sit (A30/HKG)
5460408Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
5459383Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Franky Sit (A30/HKG)
4458372Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)
12458422Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)
10458369Brian Po (A16/HKG)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
8458352Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
14458257Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Franky Sit (A30/HKG)
13457318Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)
6457417Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)
13456404Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)
11456450Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
1456364Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
11455322Boris Chung (A12/HKG)Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)
8455417Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)
5454348Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
8453395Karen Richards (A3/AUS)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
10453384Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)
4452407Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)
1452418Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)
10452376Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
14451375Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)
12448368Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
6448437Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
12448335Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)
6448423Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)
14448259Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
14447210Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
4444366Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)Boris Chung (A12/HKG)
13444373Brian Po (A16/HKG)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
3443410Karen Richards (A3/AUS)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
3443390Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)Brian Po (A16/HKG)
15443357Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
11441346Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Carson Ip (A8/HKG)
15441399Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Boris Chung (A12/HKG)
15441415Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
7440414Brian Po (A16/HKG)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)
7439402Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)
7437364Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)Carson Ip (A8/HKG)
4436346Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)
12436407Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
10435390Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
15435390Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
2433394Boris Chung (A12/HKG)Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)
10433363Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
3433394Franky Sit (A30/HKG)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)
13429388Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)
12429428Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)
8428332Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)
1428387Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
2428388Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)Carson Ip (A8/HKG)
7427425Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)
7427366Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Boris Chung (A12/HKG)
6427314Brian Po (A16/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
9424406Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)Carson Ip (A8/HKG)
15424314Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)
13424351Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)
1423388Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Brian Po (A16/HKG)
3423396Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Boris Chung (A12/HKG)
5423370Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
3423377Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)
6422382Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)
2420419Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)
15420334Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
15417358Brian Po (A16/HKG)Carson Ip (A8/HKG)
5414333Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)
12414401Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
12413377Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Carson Ip (A8/HKG)
9413370Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)
9413333Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)
11413361Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)
11413335Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)
11412354Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
9412358Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
1412368Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)
13411409Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)Franky Sit (A30/HKG)
9411359Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)
6411377Franky Sit (A30/HKG)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
6410368Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
11408387Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
7407397Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
15405343Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)
7405357Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)
10403259Karen Richards (A3/AUS)Boris Chung (A12/HKG)
14401312Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)
11401296Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Franky Sit (A30/HKG)
11400387Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
8399368Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
2397377Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)Brian Po (A16/HKG)
9397304Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)
7397357Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)Franky Sit (A30/HKG)
15397365Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
4396324Karen Richards (A3/AUS)Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)
14396325Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)
9395293Brian Po (A16/HKG)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
13394378Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
1393312Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)
8392383Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)
10392361Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)
11391389Brian Po (A16/HKG)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
4391375Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
6390334Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)
6387353Boris Chung (A12/HKG)Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)
3387318Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
2387379Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
9386284Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
10384311Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)Franky Sit (A30/HKG)
2383351Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)
8383356Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
15380369Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)Franky Sit (A30/HKG)
1378276Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
10376363Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)
8376326Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)Boris Chung (A12/HKG)
14375344Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
8375363Franky Sit (A30/HKG)Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)
2374348Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)
6372345Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)
12369341Boris Chung (A12/HKG)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)
7365344Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)
10365333Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)
4364361Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)
10362360Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)
12362351Franky Sit (A30/HKG)Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)
2357325Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
5353323Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)

This report was generated by tsh version 3.340. For more information about tsh, please contact John Chew.

This report was generated by tsh version 3.340. For more information about tsh, please contact John Chew.
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