Division A Rating Upsets

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Division A Rating Upsets

52784113682466425Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)
5011038153911391389Brian Po (A16/HKG)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
493104615391456364Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
469107015397407397Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
42182712481378276Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
4141038145213444373Brian Po (A16/HKG)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
36488412484497369Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
3531007136015420334Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
35398213352428388Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)Carson Ip (A8/HKG)
322103813609395293Brian Po (A16/HKG)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
3221038136010458369Brian Po (A16/HKG)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
3141046136011412354Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
2971038133515417358Brian Po (A16/HKG)Carson Ip (A8/HKG)
2941245153912414401Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
291100712982383351Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)
2601038129812472390Brian Po (A16/HKG)Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)
2411007124810435390Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
237101112485454348Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
2071245145215435390Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
20584110469413333Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)
2021046124814448259Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
18482710118383356Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
171136815395472460Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
17084110113387318Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
1541298145211408387Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
127133514628475351Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)
127884101114447210Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
1171335145214610368Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
988849828458352Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
94136814627439402Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)
84136814526448437Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG)
77146215396462399Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND)Karen Richards (A3/AUS)
70129813688392383Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)
70129813689397304Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)
701298136815405343Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN)Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)
66117912459469395Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG)Felix Kwok (A31/HKG)
5698210383443390Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)Brian Po (A16/HKG)
391007104612429428Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)
391007104613475329Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)
34104610807427366Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Boris Chung (A12/HKG)
341046108015441399Edwin Chan (A15/HKG)Boris Chung (A12/HKG)
331335136813456404Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Euclid Hui (A6/HKG)
25133513605501300Carson Ip (A8/HKG)Ryan Wong (A7/HKG)
1248012482387379Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
12480124815397365Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
1248012488399368Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS)
1070010701412368Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)
10700107012464413Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN)
10110101110433363Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
1011010119478415Franky Sit (A30/HKG)Paul Christensen (A17/HKG)
1007010077405357Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)
10070100714484394Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG)
982098210452376Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
982098211487294Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
982098214375344Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
982098215443357Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
98209824476375Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Amelia Tse (A19/HKG)
88408849411359Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)
884088410392361Matthew Hong (A29/CAN)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)
88408843433394Franky Sit (A30/HKG)Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG)
82708274391375Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
82708279386284Michael Edesess (A27/HKG)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)
82708276411377Franky Sit (A30/HKG)Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG)

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This report was generated by tsh version 3.340. For more information about tsh, please contact John Chew.
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