Division B High Combined Score

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Division B High Combined Score

4906494412Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)
4856463393Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
8853529324Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)
5850471379Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)
7844528316Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)
8840546294Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)
2840468372Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Lai Chun Kit (B23/HKG)
10836479357Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)
12826423403Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)
4826440386Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)
4821449372Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)
10819419400Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)
7818430388Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)
3812448364Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)
11808428380Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)
8805432373Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)
1797521276Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)
2797488309Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)
9796435361Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)
1794423371Shine Chan (B3/HKG)Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)
2791456335Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
8790444346Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)
8787436351Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)
6785417368Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)
6782404378Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)
7779477302Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)
4778389389Lai Chun Kit (B23/HKG)Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)
7777418359Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)
9773422351Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)
5771412359Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)
11771430341Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)
4771457314Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)
6769404365Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)
3767426341Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)
7765442323Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)
1765388377Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)
7765442323Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)
5764426338Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
3763382381Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)
1762403359Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)
8762382380Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
3759390369Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)
7756394362Shine Chan (B3/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
9756381375Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)
12755425330Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)
4754431323Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
2753443310Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)
7752418334Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)
5751422329Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)
3750401349Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)
9750412338Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)
3744381363Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)
12744409335Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)
4743386357Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)
5741397344Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)
11741455286Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)
8740382358Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)
11739395344Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)
5739410329Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)
4738377361Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)
11738369369Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)
2737398339Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)
11737440297Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)
6736386350Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)
11735381354Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)
12735410325Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)
11733369364Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)
1732424308Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
11730394336Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
1727400327Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)
10726406320Shine Chan (B3/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
2726365361Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
12724380344Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
10722510212Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
12721386335Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
10721374347Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)
1720404316Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)
9720399321Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)
2719462257Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
3719371348Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)
3718397321Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
7717366351Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)
1717431286Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)Lai Chun Kit (B23/HKG)
11717386331Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)
2716388328Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)
6715436279Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)
9714368346Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)
12714408306Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)
6710362348Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)
9706357349Shine Chan (B3/HKG)Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)
4705400305Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)
9704380324Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)
6702378324Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)
1702368334Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)
12698360338Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)
9697374323Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)
5697382315Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)
8695432263Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
10695351344Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)
9695406289Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
2693376317Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)
10692380312Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)
10689410279Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)
12689434255Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)
11686353333Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
3685416269Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)
3685358327Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
1684382302Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)
2683365318Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)
3678367311Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)
5678360318Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)Lai Chun Kit (B23/HKG)
1677399278Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
10675370305Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)
6673342331Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)
12673410263Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)
6673416257Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
4670396274Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)
7668372296Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)
8668416252Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)
10667349318Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)
5665427238Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)
5661386275Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)
2661344317Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)
9659383276Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)
7653343310Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
6632428204Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)
8619322297Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)
8613314299Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
10602303299Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)
5580311269Shine Chan (B3/HKG)Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)

This report was generated by tsh version 3.340. For more information about tsh, please contact John Chew.

This report was generated by tsh version 3.340. For more information about tsh, please contact John Chew.
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