Division B Rating Upsets

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Division B Rating Upsets

4643888528444346Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)
43438882210374347Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)
4004228224440386Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)
3784228002462257Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
3273887159412338Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)
3173987152344317Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)
2873886755382315Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)
2613886491424308Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
2553946492365361Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
2513986493358327Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
2495738221388377Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)
23356780012386335Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
2274226496362348Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)
2245768006416257Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
22457680011353333Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
19239458610510212Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
1913885796404365Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)
18839858612380344Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
1823945763371348Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)
1793945737442323Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)
17939457312425330Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)
1793885674457314Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG)Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)
1586948524494412Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)
15142257310370305Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)
13771585210380312Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)
1365797158382358Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)
1155796945422329Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)
1085676752388328Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)
1077158227372296Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)
10771582211369364Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)
1066948003397321Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
965796759422351Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)
825676498436351Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)
825676494431323Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
765736498314299Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
7657364911394336Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
735766497343310Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG)Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG)
615886494449372Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG)
406757154396274Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)
4067571512410263Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG)
308228529374323Kerad Ho (B2/HKG)Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG)
215675888432373Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG)Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)
1967569410410279Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)
1967569411440297Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG)Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG)
135735869406289Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
95795883426341Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG)Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)
80008008382380Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
80008004463393Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)Shine Chan (B3/HKG)
588058810303299Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)
58805889383276Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG)
58605861399278Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG)
57305734386357Charlie Chan (B21/HKG)Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG)
56705679381375Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG)
42204228529324Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG)
39803986386350Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG)Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG)
39403948416252Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)
394039411455286Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG)Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG)

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This report was generated by tsh version 3.340. For more information about tsh, please contact John Chew.
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