Round 12 Alphabetic Team Pairings

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Round 12 Alphabetic Team Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
10Shaun Donnelly (A10/AUS) 1stHo Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG) 2nd repeat
4Karen Richards (A3/AUS) 2ndFelix Kwok (A31/HKG) 1st
TablePlayer Opponent
7Matthew Hong (A29/CAN) 1stWarodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN) 2nd repeat
2Gabriel Wong (A9/CAN) 2ndBrian Po (A16/HKG) 1st repeat
TablePlayer Opponent
6Edwin Chan (A15/HKG) 2ndThomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG) 1st
 Chow Ka Yue (A26/HKG) bye
9Wesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG) 2ndBoris Chung (A12/HKG) 1st
12Paul Christensen (A17/HKG) 1stAmelia Tse (A19/HKG) 2nd repeat
9Boris Chung (A12/HKG) 1stWesley Choy Wing Chi (A21/HKG) 2nd
8Michael Edesess (A27/HKG) 2ndRyan Wong (A7/HKG) 1st
10Ho Cheuk Yiu (A24/HKG) 2ndShaun Donnelly (A10/AUS) 1st repeat
 Ho Chun Hung (A20/HKG) bye
11Hong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG) 1stFranky Sit (A30/HKG) 2nd repeat
3Euclid Hui (A6/HKG) 2ndCarson Ip (A8/HKG) 1st
3Carson Ip (A8/HKG) 1stEuclid Hui (A6/HKG) 2nd
4Felix Kwok (A31/HKG) 1stKaren Richards (A3/AUS) 2nd
5Kelvin Lam (A11/HKG) 1stTam Pok Hin (A23/HKG) 2nd
6Thomson Law Long Yin (A18/HKG) 1stEdwin Chan (A15/HKG) 2nd
2Brian Po (A16/HKG) 1stGabriel Wong (A9/CAN) 2nd repeat
11Franky Sit (A30/HKG) 2ndHong Hoi Ting (A28/HKG) 1st repeat
5Tam Pok Hin (A23/HKG) 2ndKelvin Lam (A11/HKG) 1st
1Jason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG) 1stSanjoy Gupta (A4/IND) 2nd repeat
12Amelia Tse (A19/HKG) 2ndPaul Christensen (A17/HKG) 1st repeat
8Ryan Wong (A7/HKG) 1stMichael Edesess (A27/HKG) 2nd
 Andy Yiu (A22/HKG) bye
23Charlie Chan (B21/HKG) 2ndDoris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG) 1st repeat
16Alex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG) 1stLau Wai Keung (B5/HKG) 2nd
21Shine Chan (B3/HKG) 2ndYu Sin Sin (B15/HKG) 1st
22Cheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG) 2ndHeung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG) 1st
13Choy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG) 2ndErnest So Yat Long (B20/HKG) 1st 3peat
18Fung Pak Man (B13/HKG) 1stSiu Chun Hong (B17/HKG) 2nd
19Fung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG) 2ndPang Shing Wai (B10/HKG) 1st repeat
22Heung Tsz Kit (B18/HKG) 1stCheung Cheuk Yin (B11/HKG) 2nd
17Kerad Ho (B2/HKG) 1stHong Jiaen (B16/HKG) 2nd repeat
17Hong Jiaen (B16/HKG) 2ndKerad Ho (B2/HKG) 1st repeat
 Lai Chun Kit (B23/HKG) bye
20Coby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG) 1stCalvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG) 2nd repeat
16Lau Wai Keung (B5/HKG) 2ndAlex Chan Chee Wei (B22/HKG) 1st
14Rebecca Lew (B4/HKG) 2ndJulian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG) 1st repeat
 Ngan Fu Ting (B9/HKG) bye
20Calvin Pang Chi Kong (B19/HKG) 2ndCoby Lam Hoi Ying (B14/HKG) 1st repeat
19Pang Shing Wai (B10/HKG) 1stFung Tsz Hin (B7/HKG) 2nd repeat
18Siu Chun Hong (B17/HKG) 2ndFung Pak Man (B13/HKG) 1st
13Ernest So Yat Long (B20/HKG) 1stChoy Tsun Hin (B12/HKG) 2nd 3peat
23Doris Tam Sin Shuen (B8/HKG) 1stCharlie Chan (B21/HKG) 2nd repeat
15Wong Chun Ki (B1/HKG) 1stYuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG) 2nd
14Julian Wong Tsz Yu (B6/HKG) 1stRebecca Lew (B4/HKG) 2nd repeat
21Yu Sin Sin (B15/HKG) 1stShine Chan (B3/HKG) 2nd
15Yuen Tak Yu (B24/HKG) 2ndWong Chun Ki (B1/HKG) 1st
TablePlayer Opponent
1Sanjoy Gupta (A4/IND) 2ndJason Tsang Wai Yin (A5/HKG) 1st repeat
TablePlayer Opponent
7Warodom Geamsakul (A13/JPN) 2ndMatthew Hong (A29/CAN) 1st repeat
TablePlayer Opponent
 Kong Chock Hang (A1/MYS) bye
TablePlayer Opponent
 Michael Tang (A2/SGP) bye
TablePlayer Opponent
 Pansub (A14/THA) bye
 Paparavee (A25/THA) bye

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This report was generated by tsh version 3.340. For more information about tsh, please contact John Chew.
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